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Friday, July 16, 2010

Settling into Silverlake

My world has been quite disheveled over the past month. Kelly and I searched high and low for the right apartment for us to move into (what would be my 6th apt in 5 1/2 years of living in LA). Behold, we found the joint!

It's nestled right between El Cid and the junction. Been wanting to live in Silverlake since I first moved out here, and I've finally made it happen. We threw a little housewarming party the other night, and it feels great to have had our good friends come over and get the place started right. Good peeps turned out, I made two spontaneous trips to Garage Pizza, and forced everyone to hush up and watch the opening scene to Full Metal Jacket.

As promised, the day we release the details of Casxio's debut album is nigh. Now that I'm all settled into the new joint, I'm primarily focused on getting together a campaign that will help spread the Truth like heat lightening.

For now, in honor of my new digs, I'm posting some of my favorite local acts.

!SOUL! My absolute favorite latest discovery. !SOUL!

!DANCE! A fearless band leader w/ chops that intimidate and inspire. !DANCE!

!POP! Never disappoint when you wanna let loose and dance. !POP!

Vanaprasta - G - by ease22
!ROCK and ROLL! Brothers from a few other mothers. !ROCK and ROLL!