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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm not really sure how to describe the simple genius displayed in Snoop's new video. Retro done well. Extremely well. Reminds me of Dr J and the ABA. It's like a psychadellic groove at the disco. And who the hell wrote this song? Sounds like a collaberation of Cher and Daft Punk. I love it.
Well the song is written by Calvin Broadus & Demetrius Stewart and the Video is directed by Melina. I want to know what else these people are doing, pronto.

Watch: Snoop Dogg's Sensual Seduction

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

RIP Edwards.
You weren't a bad choice. Will you be VP hopeful again? Pretty Please!

Moving right along...

These next two nights are ripe for the ear. Wednesday night is east side vs west side. Two shows, both $10. If it were just between the venues, I'd say definitely go to Troubadour over Silverlake Lounge. But the fact is you've got two pretty cool bands playing: Nico Vega and Von Iva.
Nico Vega and Saint Motel will probably both deliver some cranked up, non-stop shows. Plus the Troubadour is such a great venue to catch music. You can download Nico Vega songs for free if you hurry to their myspace.
Silverlake Lounge will probably boast some pretty outragous fashion as well as perverted performances from Von Iva and Berlin's Jessie Evans.
The only band I can vouch for on Wednesday is Von Iva. They're loud, quirky and they take no prisoners at their shows. I just hope I can make it to one show, but I work late so probably won't work out.
Thursday is going to be packed at Spaceland. If you want to get in for sure, get there early and RSVP for your free tix NOW by emailing AirborneToxic@aol.com. Airborne Toxic Event finishes off their special Thursday Night Residency with Deadly Syndrome, Castledoor, and the Morning Benders. I've seen all but Castledoor, and all are adored and embraced by silverlake/LA. There will be a lot of love in the club so I would highly recommend this show for a good night on the town.

Von Iva @ Silverlake Lounge
Wednesday, Jan 30th
w/ Jessie Evans
2906 Sunset Blvd

Nico Vega @ Troubadour
Wednesday, Jan 30th
w/ Saint Motel
90801 Santa Monica Blvd

Listen: Wooden Dolls by Nico Vega

Airborne Toxic Event @ Spaceland
Thursday, Jan 31st
w/ Castledoor, Deadly Syndrome, and the Morning Benders
1717 Silverlake Blvd
Free if you RSVP by emailing AirborneToxic@aol.com

Listen: Does This Mean You're Moving On by The Airborne Toxic Event

Snow Days (my first request)

(That's my niece making a miniature snow man who appears to be wearing a fez. Kind of amazing.)

Last night was kind of a bust. I hit the world's largest pot hole on my way home. It can be found on the 101 South on ramp at Silverlake Blvd. Beware, it absolutely destroyed my tire and rim.

So, I received my first request for the blog. One sprightly young man known simply as Marc asked, "I want you to tell me the best place for me to go if I were to go to Koreatown." The man is obsessed with finding the right joint to go to in K-Town. I lived there breifly and unfortunately most of my time was spent looking for parking, not hitting the hole-in-the-wall bar scene. However, I did hear tell of a place called Frank N Hank's. The name sounds like the kind of place you would find among newly developing suburbs that all the construction dudes would go to. But I hear the juke box is great, the room's too small for the pool table, and the bartender who goes by the handle "Snow" is everybody's BFF. Sounds like my kind of place. I've read a few reviews, and decided it needs to be checked out. Possibly tonight when I go to pick up my car with shiny new tires from the Pep Boys near by. Let's find out if this juke box has got anything on the Cherry Tavern. You down, Marc?

Frank N Hank's
518 S Western Ave, 90020

Monday, January 28, 2008

Last chance for the Parson Express

This is the last night of the free Parson Red Heads residency at Spaceland. The show is definitely worth checking out. It's pretty much hippy folk rock that you just can't resist once they take the stage. This might have been exactly the kind of band I thought was over after high school, but instead seperate themselves from the flow of the scene with a contagious charisma. The tunes are poppy, the vibe on stage is unpretentious, and the performers are unashamedly happy to be playing. Kind of refreshing for the indie scene of Silverlake.
Tonight they are joined by the Monolators. I finally caught one of their shows a few weeks ago at RFSL's Let's Independent show over at Boardner's. The group is punk rock and I love it. Once the show started they just kept charging from song to song with a barreling drum beat that wouldn't stop for your grandmother crossing the street.
Between the two bands you would be hard pressed to find a night where neither was playing. Tonight, though, you can see them at the same spot in a club that will actually have good sound. AND FREE! The bands don't have a lot in common sound wise, but they both know how to put on a show better than your average local band. If you go tonight, you will be spared the usual stage awkwardness that rival's the time you tried to ask Geanie Kiff to the sock hop but your attempt to speak only resulted in vomitting on her neon windbreaker.
Forever by Parson Red Heads
Parson Red Heads Myspace
Eagle Fighting Zebra by the Monolators
Monolators Myspace

Tonight! Monday Jan 28th! @ Spaceland
The Parson Red Heads
w/ The Idaho Falls
the Monolators
and the Papercranes
1717 Silverlake Blvd, 90027

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