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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Days (my first request)

(That's my niece making a miniature snow man who appears to be wearing a fez. Kind of amazing.)

Last night was kind of a bust. I hit the world's largest pot hole on my way home. It can be found on the 101 South on ramp at Silverlake Blvd. Beware, it absolutely destroyed my tire and rim.

So, I received my first request for the blog. One sprightly young man known simply as Marc asked, "I want you to tell me the best place for me to go if I were to go to Koreatown." The man is obsessed with finding the right joint to go to in K-Town. I lived there breifly and unfortunately most of my time was spent looking for parking, not hitting the hole-in-the-wall bar scene. However, I did hear tell of a place called Frank N Hank's. The name sounds like the kind of place you would find among newly developing suburbs that all the construction dudes would go to. But I hear the juke box is great, the room's too small for the pool table, and the bartender who goes by the handle "Snow" is everybody's BFF. Sounds like my kind of place. I've read a few reviews, and decided it needs to be checked out. Possibly tonight when I go to pick up my car with shiny new tires from the Pep Boys near by. Let's find out if this juke box has got anything on the Cherry Tavern. You down, Marc?

Frank N Hank's
518 S Western Ave, 90020

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