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Monday, January 28, 2008

Last chance for the Parson Express

This is the last night of the free Parson Red Heads residency at Spaceland. The show is definitely worth checking out. It's pretty much hippy folk rock that you just can't resist once they take the stage. This might have been exactly the kind of band I thought was over after high school, but instead seperate themselves from the flow of the scene with a contagious charisma. The tunes are poppy, the vibe on stage is unpretentious, and the performers are unashamedly happy to be playing. Kind of refreshing for the indie scene of Silverlake.
Tonight they are joined by the Monolators. I finally caught one of their shows a few weeks ago at RFSL's Let's Independent show over at Boardner's. The group is punk rock and I love it. Once the show started they just kept charging from song to song with a barreling drum beat that wouldn't stop for your grandmother crossing the street.
Between the two bands you would be hard pressed to find a night where neither was playing. Tonight, though, you can see them at the same spot in a club that will actually have good sound. AND FREE! The bands don't have a lot in common sound wise, but they both know how to put on a show better than your average local band. If you go tonight, you will be spared the usual stage awkwardness that rival's the time you tried to ask Geanie Kiff to the sock hop but your attempt to speak only resulted in vomitting on her neon windbreaker.
Forever by Parson Red Heads
Parson Red Heads Myspace
Eagle Fighting Zebra by the Monolators
Monolators Myspace

Tonight! Monday Jan 28th! @ Spaceland
The Parson Red Heads
w/ The Idaho Falls
the Monolators
and the Papercranes
1717 Silverlake Blvd, 90027

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